Dinosaurs Puzzle – 500 Pieces

I bought this puzzle about a year ago. It was on sale. I knew back then that Anka won’t be able to solve this puzzle before he can read. I was planning to give this puzzle when he is already grade 1.

Unfortunately, he found it just before Eidhul Fitr break started. So I promised him that we will do the puzzle during the break. Today is the first day of Eidhul Fitr break.

We started from 8 in the morning and finish around 7 at night.

We started by turning all puzzle up. And then began with the lowest part. There are 3 parts based on colours to represent the period.

I helped him with the explanations because it required reading skills. Anka couldn’t read yet.

We stopped around 10 because it was his time to play games in my mobile phone. He is allowed to play games only on Saturday from 10 to 12.

And then he had to take a nap. Sometime around 4PM, we began solving the puzzle again.

… All the way till Magrib (5.50 PM. We stopped to break our fasting and then continued with the puzzle again. Around 7 PM, we finally solve the puzzle and it was ready to be framed and hang on the wall 😁.

It was a collaborative work between my son and me.


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